Arlix Teen Entrepreneur Conference

Date Posted: August 29 2017

I was very thankful to have been asked to do a talk at the Arlix Teen Entrepreneur Conference last week. Speaking to some of the most influential minds in the UK. At first I thought how am I going to educate these young souls, because allot of them are incredibly smarter than myself and when it came down to it, experience was the way to educate and win them over. I thought about what has helped me become a success in this world and I came up with the “5 Johny Pach tips to becoming a successful entrepreneur” and it was massively received. With only having a 15 minute slot I ended up being on stage talking to these young talented minds for over 45 minutes, answering questions on meditation, marketing and even the book The Secret. So I wanted to list my top tips below with a bit of background around each section. Enjoy!

“The 5 Tips to becoming a successful entrepreneur” by me Johny Pach...

1. Meditation – It’s very important to re-set the mind and reenergize the body. Sometimes when starting a business our minds go on overload, with a million thoughts and it can put us under immense pressure and stress. It’s important to meditate every night before bed for 15 – 20 min, focusing on your breathing, listening to frequencies or OM sounds with YouTube links, filling up your body with love and positive frequencies and just clearing your mind. Meditation for me with business, makes me 10% happier at work every day, it allows me to make decisions faster and with my gut instinct, fills me up with positive vibes and energizes me physically for the day ahead.

2. Vision Board / Wish Board – When starting a business or launching a new revolutionary product or idea, it’s important to keep focused on your goal and 1 technique I use is creating a vision board. From the Inspiration of The Secret and learning about the law of attraction I have a giant board in my room which I draw my goals and what I want to attract in my life through work, wellness, travel and love and guess what it becomes true. I believe if you’re looking every day at your vision, you’re putting the work into action and you’re also listing a time frame to which you want to accomplish your goal on the board then you will truly get in life what you really want. Guess what the best thing is, accomplishing that goal, rubbing it out on the board and just starting again and manifesting more and more into your life, why don’t you give it a try!.

3. Marketing – It’s not about setting up a Facebook page and Instagram account, spamming the life out of your friends “can you like my page” / “please share” and saying look guys I have just created a business, not marketing for me and what has made me successful in today’s world is networking. I believe that networking, spreading the word as much as you can about your idea or product is absolutely the best way forward. Remember “it’s not what you know it’s who you know” and that’s absolutely true. The more people that know about you and your idea the better, it’s about collaborating, sharing ideas and experiences and building a strong team who get behind you and want to help make your product / business a great success.

4. Sales – sales for me = hard work. You have to get on the phone and graft like no tomorrow. “You have to pick up the phone and start dialling!” the famous quote used in The Wolf of Wall street. You have to tell as many people about your product or business as much as you can whether its face to face or over the phone, Develop a simple and effective script, learn that script so it flows off your tongue, be passionate about what your selling, love what you’re doing because it resonates to prospects over the phone they can tell if you love the idea or not and remember people buy into you. Yes it could be the most amazing idea that will be life changing to someone, but trust me people buy into you, they build a rapport with you and want to invest into you. Get so many prospects out there that you forget about them in a way and you’re not chasing down the business, your putting in the hard work and sitting back watching it flood in. Be positive, get a strong pipe line out there and don’t stress it will happen; it has too hard work pays off. So get grafting!

5. Be Happy – enjoy the struggle! We beat ourselves up so much and put ourselves under so much unnecessary pressure so just enjoy it that stress about it. Be happy in what you’re doing, your creating something amazing here which is your idea and great for you and others so just enjoy it, smile, be confident, be in love with what you’re doing, turn that frown upside down and enjoy!

I hope you like those tips! Please share and comment (I sound like I’m marketing now)

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