Pre Tony Robbins workshop

Date Posted: August 29 2017

I was delighted to be invited to the Pre Tony Robbins workshop from Success Resources last week. Tony Robbins is literally my inspiration, he without doubt is the biggest motivational speaker in the world. He has an infectious energy about him that resonates through everyone he meets, he seems to engage and connect with people with the most hidden emotional feelings and cure people who have been through the most unbelievable turmoil in their lives. He has trained some of the biggest Hollywood celebrities, entrepreneurs and millionaires, he has published life changing books, sold millions of copies and hosted his famous seminars to over 10 million people worldwide.

I listen to his Youtube links and podcasts daily, read his books and try to model my new wellness / motivational ideas on his teachings.

If you haven’t watched his Netflix documentary “I am not your Guru” then I strongly suggest you watch it right now, it really touched my heart – here is the official trailer -

From watching that amazing documentary I have now signed up to the UPW “Unleash The Power Within” Seminar in April 2018 - I am working closely with Success Resources, if you would like to join me at the event next year, please drop me a line before the 15th September and reap the benefits of my discounted ticket price. This event is nearly sold out so email me if you would like to come.

Now from attending the exclusive Tony Robbins workshops over the past weeks, I have learnt some amazing life changing skills and I would like to share some of the mantra with you including “The 10 Key Steps to Success” .. Enjoy!

  1. I know what I want and I will be committed to getting it.
  2. I am focused on my vision and don’t get distracted.
  3. I am willing to experience what ever it takes, defeat, embarrassment and even humiliation to achieve my goal.
  4. I am constantly doing things I have never done before.
  5. I make at least one unreasonable / scary request a week.
  6. I don’t say yes when I really want to say no.
  7. I regularly seek out support and I refuse to spend time with the naysayers.
  8. Every time I am afraid to do something I will force myself to doing it anyway.
  9. I am careful about my thoughts and the words that I use.
  10. I take time out to relax so I don’t burn out.

I hope those little Mantra’s have helped you in some way, I swear by most of these and do it on a daily basis.

A little tip from my end, when you wake up in the morning, have a stretch, get to the shower, take your iphone with you and listen to the words of Tony Robbins, it will motivate you for the day ahead and increase your creative flow – I have listed a few links below that you should definitely listen to in the shower.