At some point in our lives we may have the desire to be on TV. This desire often comes during one’s childhood; however, it has the potential to manifest itself at any point in your life. It also can be presented to us in many forms, one of which is a desire to be a television presenter. Here are our top ten tips for being a successful TV presenter.

  1. Be excited – As a TV presenter, it is really important for you to be excited. This will allow you to grab your audience’s attention, as well as the attention of the celebrity that you’re talking to. 
  2. Know Your Event – It is really important for you to be understand the details of the event that you’re covering. This will show the audience that you’re engaged!
  3. Prepare Good Questions – It is vital for you to prepare questions for each person, so that you can have an interesting discussion. 
  4. Dive into the Audience – Your audience wants to have a connection with you. It is also likely that they may want to do what you do. It is really important, therefore, to connect with them on a personal level.
  5. Be Humble – This will allow you to create a good presenter image, one with which the people can resonate. 
  6. Listen to yourself – Though this can be awkward and cringy, it will allow you to improve your presenting skills. You will be able to better understand your projection, pronunciation and tonality by listening to yourself. 
  7. Listen to others – Be sure to take on criticism from people you trust. It will only improve your skills!
  8. Rehearse – As always, it is really important to practice your skills, so that you’re ready for the big day!
  9. Be Confident – Confidence is a key part of being a good TV presenter. It will allow you to project, to connect, and to thrive on stage.
  10. Enjoy yourself – Presenting on TV is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you enjoy every minute of it, you are far more likely to be engaging and to excel in your dream profession!