#3: Entrepreneur & TV Presenter Johny Pach talks to Glenn King. Where does the smart money investor invest in times of uncertainty?

Welcome to our podcast! In this episode our host, Johnathan Pach, talks to Glen King, the founder of several multi-million-pound businesses in the financial, interior design, and global energy sectors. Glen has been able to help clients overcome their difficulties and personal barriers through his expert work, and has become a member of the Les Brown Maximum Achievement Team along the way. The pair begin by discussing the way that life has been affected by COVID-19 and shed light on the situation. They also discuss Glen’s journey, his difficulties, his successes, and his membership within the Les Brown Maximum Achievement Team.


Glen elucidates on what he deems to be the keys to success. He emphasises the importance of resilience and faith, giving personal examples of how his own unwavering faith has allowed him to achieve success. Johny and Glen also chat about a world-famous book, The Secret, and its influence on their mindsets and working life. The duo go on to discuss vision boards, positive mindsets, the law of attraction, and financial investments. Glen is an experienced and successful investor, so we certainly suggest taking his thoughts on board. We hope you enjoy this episode and look forward to your feedback!

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