#5: Entrepreneur & TV Presenter Johny Pach talks To Trace harris. Money is not my God.

Welcome to the podcast! We hope that you’re enjoying yourself as much as possible, and that you’re staying safe and healthy. In this episode our host, Johnathan Pach, chats to Trace Harris, a well-known promoter and percussionist located in Ibiza. Of course, Ibiza is known as one of the party capitals of the world, but Trace went to Ibiza to find his purpose in life. Johny and Trace start off by reminiscing about their friendship. The guys then discuss their love of percussion music, and consider its ability to help people relax.


Trace then goes on to discuss the notion of God. He discusses the personal nature of God, and explains what God means to him. Trace describes God as a placebo and goes on to explain what he means by this. Johny and Trace then discuss an influential book for them both, The Secret, and highlight how it has helped them. Trace also explains the role that the ego has played in his life, his life as a promoter, some of the difficulties he has faced, and the key to life. Trace has had some really interesting experiences. We think that everyone could learn something from Trace’s journey. We hope you enjoy the show, and look forward to your feedback!

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